GARHL Updated

Okay so after a brief hiadus the stats and standings are all updated as far as the Wednesday November 26th games.  We’re having a slight server problem as you may have noticed so if the page doesn’t load properly (or at all) just hit refresh a few times and it should eventually work.  If the problem persists I’ll have to find a new host, but in the mean time we’ll all have to make do..

Also, I added a +/- column in the standings pages. It’s unlikely we’ll need it, but I figure the more info the better.  So in summary after total points, the tie breakers are as follows:

  1. Number of Wins
  2. PIM/G game (lowest)
  3. Goal differential

Schneider and Minor Named Hockey Shop Source For Sports GARHL Performers of the Month

The GARHL is pleased to announce a new sponsorship with Hockey Shop Source for Sports for the “GARHL Performers of the Month”. Each month a new winner will be announced from each division and each receipiant will receive a gift courtesy of the Hockey Shop Source for Sports in Downtown Guelph.

Russ Schneider of WIT, in the A Division, and Mike Minor of the Chiefs in the B division have been named the first receipiants of the “Hockey Shop Source For Sports GARHL Performers of the Month” for the month of October. Both Schneider and Minor led their respective divisions in scoring. Congratulations to both players for this award. Each player will receive $25.00 towards any hockey stick and six free skate sharpenings courtesy of Hockey Shop Source For Sports, located on 8 Carden St in Downtown Guelph. For store information please call 519-836-8631 or visit