Monday concluded action for the 2011-2012 GARHL Regular Season, now the focus shifts to the post season.  You can find the complete post season schedule at the GARHL PLAYOFF SCHEDULE part on the website.  All of the standings and stats are also complete and posted on the website.

Here are the Playoff Matchups


#1 R U Serious vs. #8 Billings
#2 Curwins vs. #7 WIT
#3 Molson Canadiens vs. #6 Bobby O’Briens
#4 Wellington Brewery vs. #5 Goblins

#1 South End Maulers vs. #8 First General
#2 Thirsty Canucks vs. Pour House
#3 McCabes vs. #6 State Farm
#4 Tim Hortons vs. #5 Piranhas

All Series are best 2/3 with the winner advancing.  If games are tied after regulation they will decided by a 3 round shootout, with the winner of the shootout considered the winner of the game.   Each team is also allowed one time out per playoff game.  Also a reminder that all players in the playoffs must play 8 total games to be eligible for the playoffs unless otherwise cleared by the League convenor to play, each team in that series will be notified by the league on this matter via email on this issue.

Good luck to all teams in the playoffs!!


With one night left of GARHL regular season play some playoff spots remain up in the air.  What we know so far is this.

In the A Division two playoff matchups have been set.  First, the #1 seed R U Serious will play #8 Billings and #2 Curwins will play #7 WIT.  Molson Canadiens will finish 3rd and Wellington will finish 4th.  The 5/6 seeds will be determined by the Goblins game on Monday night.  A win by the Goblins will give them 5th spot, a tie will lead to a tie breaker.

In the B Division.  The first 4 seeds are now set after Wednesday nights games where McCabes defeated Tim Hortons for the third seed.  #1 South End Maulers, #2 Thirsty Canucks, # 3 McCabes, #4 Tim Hortons, 5/6 will come down to State Farm/Piranhas, while 7/8 will be First General or Pour House.

I will update the website on Monday night with the schedule and teams need to be prepared to play on Mon March 5 and Wed Mar 7.  A league wide email will go out with some playoff rules as well.


With a 9-2 drubbing of the Goblins on Monday night, Wellington Brewery locked up the 4 seed in the A Division on the road to the GARHL Playoffs.  The bottom four spots are still up for grabs with games on Wednesday night being crucial for positioning.

The GARHL Standings are now up to date after Monday nights games


With about two weeks in league play there is still alot to be decided in the GARHL season.  In the A Division all that is certain are the number one thru number three seedings.  The balance of the league table can shift by the game which makes all of the next few weeks that much more interesting.

The B Division finally had its first and second seeds decided on Wednesday night as the South End Maulers clinched first place with a win over Thirsty Canucks.  Maulers will finish first while the Canucks will finish second in the B Division.  Pour House and First General still have to battle it out for the seventh and eight seed while Tim Hortons, McCabes, Piranhas and State Farm battle it out for the three to six seeds.

Just a reminder that the GARHL Playoffs will begin on March 5.


As the 2011-2012 GARHL regular season winds down we now focus on the playoffs.  Just a few reminders.

First, the minimum amount of games played to be eligible for the playoffs is eight (8).  Official “games played” are listed in the stats part of the website.

Second, any regular season suspensions that occur will carry over into the playoffs.  Any post season suspensions in the upcoming playoffs will carry over into the 2012-2013 season.

Third, the GARHL Playoffs will begin on Monday March 5.  Please have your team prepared to play on this day. Depending on the Guelph Storm and Guelph Hurricanes playoff drives we will have to finish the season the week of April 9.

Finally, the GARHL playoff format is based on regular season performance, with all series being a best of three games based on wins.  The first team to two wins will advance.  The highest seed will play the lowest seed in the first round.  For example, 1vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5.  In the 2nd round the seeds carry over so the higher seed will play the lowest seeded team left in the semi finals and the 2nd highest seed will play the 3rd higest seed.  More playoff rules will follow with each team just before the playoffs start.

Good luck to all teams!