The following rules are for the benefit of all players. If you have any constructive recommendations please ask for one of our league Convenors. There are major points that GARHL would like to emphasize. We believe that if all participants keep these ideas in mind, everyone will benefit:


1. PLEASE GIVE INPUT Team representatives are encouraged to work closely with the league convenor to ensure that all players have a completely satisfying recreational experience. Continual ongoing program and facility improvement can only be accomplished with program your input.

2. TEAM ROSTER A complete team roster (names printed and signed, full addresses, residence and business phone numbers & e-mail addresses) must be supplied by the first game. There will be absolutely no additions to any team rosters unless initiated and authorized by the league administration for extenuating circumstances. Teams must ensure that only registered players play in any game throughout the season; if a team disregards this rule, their game will be automatically defaulted. Teams will be permitted to carry 20 individuals on their roster.

3. TEAM REPRESENTATIVE Each team shall appoint a team rep for purposes of communication with league officials. All inquiries are to be made through the team representative.

4. DRESSING ROOM SECURITY All teams are responsible for securing their dressing rooms. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DRESSING ROOM UNLOCKED. A dressing room key is available at the timekeeper’s box.

5. GAME TIMES -30-MINUTE LEAGUE – Periods (2 periods, 15 minute stop time)

6. GAME SHEETS Both teams and/or team representatives are responsible for ensuring, accuracy and completion of game sheets. Prior to each game, all participating team members’ numbers and full names must be legibly printed on the game sheet and signed. All players must be at least 19 years of age to play in leagues; otherwise signed parental consent is required.

7. SWEATER COLOURS – It is recommended that teams have 2 sets of team’s jerseys at all times, but this is not mandatory. If there is a conflict in team colours it will be the responsibility of the visitors’ team to change sweaters. The league will supply cover-ups where appropriate. The timekeeper will have the cover ups available at game time. If a team does not have matching jerseys they will be required to wear pinnies.8. LEAGUE STANDINGS Regular season team standings where teams are tied in points will be decided by who has more wins. If it is still tied, the winner will be decided by goal differential, goals for and then by fewest penalty minutes (does not pertain to single division day leagues).


9. SKILL LEVEL Any team may be realigned into a more appropriate division. An initial realignment may occur after the first two games and again after the following five games.10. FINANCIAL POLICY There is an automatic $35.00 surcharge on all NSF cheques. Teams must pay a $500.00 deposit. The team Rep is responsible for strictly following the league payment plan.



1. CAHA RULES All CAHA rules are in effect unless stated otherwise.

2. REFEREEING During course of the game, the referee’s decision is final.3. CONVERSING WITH OFFICIALS (a) Referees will address players concerns to “limit” while going to face-offs. Players are not allowed to come off the bench to discuss a call. If these privileges are abused, a delay of game penalty will be assessed.

4. ABUSIVE LANGUAGE will not be tolerated. Zero tolerance will be observed. A Game misconduct penalty will be assessed by the official in the event of abusive or foul language or racially motivated behavior towards any official, player, coach or other team official. Subsequent game suspensions may apply based on referee report and recommendation


5. ICING Icing is automatic when the puck completely crosses the goal line. Icing must be initiated from behind the blue line.

6. TWO LINE PASS There is no centre line, therefore 2 line passes are permitted.

7. PLAYERS ARRIVING LATE Players must arrive before the 2nd period commences to be eligible to play in the game.

8. LINE CHANGES Line changes must be completed in a timely fashion. Any delays may result in a delay of game penalty to the offending team. CAHA rules apply, i.e. arm up in air 5 seconds during line change. 2 warnings, third is a 2 minute minor penalty.

9. PLAYOFF TEAM PENALTY RULES Any team that averages more than 12 minutes in a game over the course of the regular season will not be eligible for post season play. Playoff rules will be issued prior to playoffs if different to regular season rules. This includes all match, major and misconduct penalties for any reason.

10. DEFAULT .All teams must dress a minimum of 6 players in order to play a game; otherwise a default game will result. In the event of a default, the team with the required number of players will receive 2 points for a win and 1 goal will be credited in the standings. If an insufficient number of players are on the ice at the start of the game, but there are sufficient players in the Dressing Room, the clock will run until the first stoppage in play. The late team will be penalized with a two minute minor should the clock run to 9 min., a second minor should the clock run to 8 min., 1 goal at 7 min., 2 goals at 6 min. etc. The game will be an official forfeit at the four-minute mark.

11. EQUIPMENT All players must wear CSA approved helmets (properly fastened). A regulation chinstrap must be used. A skate lace or piece of tape in place of a chinstrap is not allowed. Facial protection is highly recommended for all players and may be mandated at any point during the season. All players must be aware of this requirement.

12. HELMET (loss of)- If a helmet is removed from a player’s head while on the ice surface, said player must immediately either replace the helmet and properly fasten the chin strap or proceed to the players bench without becoming involved in the following play. Failure to do so will result in a minor penalty.

13. TIME OUT – No time outs will be permitted in regular season play. One time per game per team will be allotted only in the playoffs.

a) GAME TIME — All teams should be prepared to start at their scheduled game times. There will be running time after a 5 goal spread in the last period. Officials are instructed to keep all games on time. At the discretion of the official, the clock shall run during any altercations that result in delays with the game’s progress. Examples include fighting, lengthy verbal discussions between players, teams’ refusal to continue or delay in resuming play. The official may also assess a delay of game penalty where appropriate. RUNNING TIME WILL OCCUR DURING THE GAME, AT THE CONVENORS DISCRETION, IF TEAMS ARE CONTINUALLY DELAYING THE GAME.

b) Officials will be instructed to follow the following guidelines to ensure games are kept on time. The clock shall commence at the closing of the Zamboni gates. Teams are not allowed on the ice until Zamboni gates are closed.


1. PENALTIES – In the event of a major penalty and the offending player is ejected from the game, the penalized team will be permitted only one change of players for the duration of the penalty. Any player receiving 3 minor penalties in one game will result in an automatic expulsion from the game. A Balance of Game Penalty means that the player will be removed from the game, but the team will not be assessed a penalty. If the player refuses to leave or becomes verbally abusive or delays the game in any way, then the player will be assessed the appropriate penalty where the team will be penalized for the player’s action.

2. DELAYED PENALTIES If the referee signals a minor penalty or a bench minor penalty against a team that is short handed by reason of one or more minor or bench minor penalties, and a goal is scored by the non-offending team before the whistle is blown, the goal shall be allowed and the player who is serving the first minor or bench minor will return to the ice while the signaled penalty shall be assessed and served in the normal manner – full 2 minutes.

3. MAJOR PENALTIES – any major penalties will result in automatic expulsion from the game. Hitting from behind results in an automatic major penalty and automatic expulsion from the game. Subsequent game suspensions may apply based on referee’s report and recommendations.

4. BODYCHECKING – This is a “non-contact” league. It is accepted that some incidental contact will result and that some is purely accidental. Nevertheless, players must be responsible for their own actions. Body checking is strictly prohibited and shall be penalized with a minor or major penalty at the referees’ discretion.

5. STICK INFRACTIONS Officials are to strictly enforce all stick violations regardless of whether it was accidental or not. HIGH STICK – A) An incidental high stick will be called when a player’s stick hits the opposing player above the shoulders by accident. B) An intentional high stick is a major penalty the player will be assessed a 5-minute major penalty and a game misconduct, he will be removed from the game and possible long-term suspension may result.


6. FIGHTING -Fighting and roughing will not be tolerated. By definition, one or more punches constitute a fight and penalties will be assessed at the discretion of the referee. A fighting penalty may result in a 5 game suspension for the first offense. A second offense during the same season may result in automatic expulsion from the league. Any fights occurring in the last 5 games games of the season will automatically carry over into the next season, should the league permit re-entry into the league. During any fight or altercation the clock shall be permitted to run.

7. If a player drops his hockey gloves intending to fight he will receive a game misconduct.

8. SUSPENSION – Any player who receives a major penalty in the last 5 minutes of a game is automatically suspended for the following game. Any team/individual placed on suspension must be paid up in full prior to reinstatement. The league will make reasonable attempts to notify all team reps of suspensions; however, it is the team rep’s responsibility to investigate any major penalty assessed on the game sheet.

9. GAME EJECTION – Any player who receives 3 minor penalties or a major will be ejected from that game. Game officials (referees) must prepare a written report on all “fighting”, “match” game or “gross” misconduct penalties, which will be reviewed and signed by head referee and league Convenors.

10. EXPULSION/SUSPENSIONS/APPEALS – Any major penalties for fighting, butt ending, spearing or intent to injure will result in automatic expulsion from the game. Any suspensions of greater than 5 games, team representatives may appeal and request a hearing. Such appeals must be submitted in writing to the league manager. Upon review by the league manager and his initial investigation he will determine whether there may be grounds for an appeal. The Sleeman Centre management reserves the right to final decisions regarding expulsions; the team rep/player will be informed. Under no circumstances will any expelled players or teams be reimbursed by The Sleeman Centre. GARHL player(s) playing while under suspension will be expelled. A team that allows a player to play that has been expelled will be placed on probation with pending expulsion. Any individual or team may be expelled without a formal warning. Team reps are responsible for monitoring their team roster and will be subject to suspension if using, illegal players.


1. GOALKEEPERS All goaltending substitution must be cleared by a league official during post season play.

2. UNNECESSARY CONTACT WITH THE GOALIE A two minute minor penalty will be assessed any player making unnecessary contact with a goaltender, whether in or out of the crease. This includes slashing at a puck that the goaltender has covered regardless of whether the whistle is blown.

3. GOALKEEPER’S CREASE Offensive players are prohibited from standing within the confines of the crease area

4. GOALKEEPER PENALTIES Any major or match penalties assessed to a goalkeeper will result in an automatic game ejection. Same rules as per players.
Fighting penalties will be assessed in same manner as players: automatic game5. TEAM WITHOUT A GOALIE All teams must supply a goalie by the end of the first period or game is an official default.



1. PROTEST FEE $150.00 Any team protesting must do so to the referee prior to the start of the 2nd period. Successful protests are 100% refundable. No protest will be considered after the 2nd period begins.

2. PLAYER I.D All players must carry photo identification at all times during playoffs.

3. PLAYOFF ELIGIBILITY All players must play a minimum of 50% of all regular league games to be eligible for playoffs. Exceptions may be made in extenuating circumstances such as injuries. No roster additions will be accepted after Jan 1/09. Teams will receive a loss if playing with an ineligible player. 

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  1. Hey I play for Sunnyvale and we played Wilson fire tonight. One ref completely ruined the game for us and our experience. He made the game completely about himself and called a lot of really soft penalties on us. The other ref said after the game that the other guy completely ruined the game. Guys on Wilson fire even agreed that the one ref ruined the game. I know we have been one of the chippier teams and have no arguments against the penalties we received before tonights game. I strongly believe that the one ref shouldn’t ref again in the league. He made the game completely about himself and ruined a game between us and Wilson fire.

  2. Refs absolutely ruined our game against Sunnyvale, no calls all game, all Sunnyvale could do was hold/hook us and nothing was called. Clearly Sunnyvale’s comments about the refs on this page got them a way with the refs considering tonight.

  3. Vincent is completely right… this is really starting to develop into a true under dog story. We’ll be back… hungry… grrrrr.

  4. Hey just saw this league site and was wondering how I could register for the 2023-24 season, is it individual register or team register? If there’s a contact for the convenor or anyone who could help with that, would be appreciated thank you

  5. My name is Joe Cane and I am a fourth year student at the University of Guelph. I am going to be living in Guelph for the summer and am looking to referee hockey. I am an experienced referee as I have reffed for over 8 years. I have spent many years reffing the Adult Safe Hockey League out of Scarborough Canlan and I have also reffed high level minor hockey. I am no longer going to be living in Scarborough and therefore am looking to begin refereeing in the Guelph area. I can begin reffing the beginning of July and am available all year, including the winter season. Please let me know.

    Thank you and have a great day!

    Best regards

  6. My name is Jesse, I’ve been looking for an adult recreational hockey league to start playing in the fall. I’ve come across your league a couple times but can’t seem to find any information on how to register. I have 3 or 4 friends also interested in playing, any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

  7. Hi guys. My buddy and I just moved to Guelph. We would love to potentially join as free agents somewhere in the B division. If someone can call or email me were happy to join anyone and get some games in. Thanks for your consideration. 6472747549

  8. Hello, I’m moving to Guelph soon and looking to get into a Mens league in the area. If anyone needs a sub goalie. LMK!!

  9. Hey my names Connor I’m 25, I work construction full-time I’m looking for a team! I played AA as a teenager. I can play any position open. I’m 6’3 decent shot hands and speed. Feel free to reach out if you need someone 519-829-9760

  10. Just moved to Guelph from Vancouver. Looking for a full time spot if anyone is short. (I ran a team for a couple years, I know what its like) Played A and B mostly out there. Feel free to email me.

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