Another successful GARHL Regular Season ended on Wednesday night, which now sets the table for the 2010 GARHL Playoffs and the chase for the GARHL CUP.

Here are the playoff matchups in each Division

#1 Doogies vs #8 McCabes
#2 State Farm vs #7 Pour House
#3 Tim Hortons vs #6 First General
#4 Chiefs vs #5 Thirsty Canucks

#1 Goblins vs #8 TAPPO
#2 Bobby O’Briens vs #7 WIT
#3 Curwins vs #6 Piranhas
#4 Billings vs #5 Wellington Brewery

Playoff Schedule will emailed out to all team reps and also added on the GARHL Website as soon as the ice times are finalized on Thursday.   The tentative first week of games are as follows:

Monday March, 8
6:15pm – Pour House vs State Farm – Game 1
7:15pm – WIT vs Bobby O’Briens – Game 1
10:45pm – Chiefs vs Thirsty Canucks – Game 1

Wednesday March, 10
6:15pm – Tim Hortons vs First General – Game 1
7:15pm – Curwins vs Piranhas – Game 1
8:15pm – Doogies vs McCabes – Game 1
9:15pm – Tappo vs Goblins – Game 1
10:15pm – State Farm vs Pour House- Game 2
11:15pm – Billings vs Wellington – Game 1


Welcome back to another hockey season!  Just a reminder to all team reps that the Team Rep Meeting will take place at Bobby O’Briens at 7pm on Wednesday September 9.  If there is anything you wish to have on the agenda please email me.

Also note that the Schedule has been emailed out to all teams and will be posted this week online.


The A and B Division Finals for this season’s GARHL are all set.  In the A Final the defending A Division Champions Billings go against long time foe Goblins.  In the B Division its the expansion team Doogies taking on the 2007 Champion State Farm.

Here is the Series Schedules
Monday April 13
6:15pm – Doogies vs State Farm – Game 1
7:15pm – Billings vs Goblins – Game 1

Wednesday April 15
7:15pm – Goblins vs Billings – Game 2
8:15pm – State Farm vs Doogies – Game 2

Thursday April 16
7:30pm – Game 3 A or B Final if Necessary
8:30pm – Game 3 A or B Final if Necessary


After yet another successful GARHL regular season we are ready for the 2009 Playoffs.  The playoff format is a best 2 out of 3 playoff series. Any game ending in a tie will go directly to a 3 round shootout. If still tied after 3 rounds we will go to a sudden death shootout, the winner of the shootout will be the game winner. The Playoff schedule will be released asap, but for now take a look at the playoff matchups.

A Division
#1 Billings vs. #8 Bobby O’Briens
#2 Albion Piranhas vs. #7 Wellington Brewery
#3 Curwins Pub vs. #6 WIT
#4 Goblins vs. #5 Alco Valves

B Division
#1 Doogies vs. #8 Chiefs
#2 State Farm vs. #7 Melitron
#3 Tim Hortons vs. #6 Pour House
#4 First General vs #5 McCabes

Good Luck to all teams in the post season!