The 2018 GARHL Playoff Matchups will come down to the final night of the regular season.

Here are each teams playoff scenarios, a reminder tie breakers go by Most wins, Least PIM’s and then goal differential if need be.

Top seed Wilson Fire, will take on Thirsty Canucks in Round 1
Second seeded and defending champion, RU Serious, will battle Wellington Brewery in Round 1
Shootin’ Blanks will finish third
South End Maulers will finish fourth.
A Bobby O’Briens Win on Wednesday would vault them into the 5th seed,a loss or tie leaves them in 6th

Cavalry Contracting can finish 5th or 6th, depending on result of Bobby O’Briens game

Dino’s Ginos clinch first with a win, cannot finish lower than second
Blow Ponies can clinch first with a Win and Dino’s Ginos loss or tie
OHL Experience clinches 3rd with a win, can finish as low as 4th
Billings, can finish 3rd with a win and an OHL Experience loss or tie, can finish as low as 4th
Tim Hortons, Clinches 5th with a win, no lower than 6th seed
Power Bus can clinch 5th with a win and Tim Hortons loss or tie
Flying Hellfish, can finish 7th with a win or tie
Dawson Dental, can move to 7th with a win and a Hellfish loss

The 2018 Playoff schedule will be released after the games on Wednesday night when all the match-ups are set!

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