Dennis Boudreau – dj_boudreau291@hotmail.fr

Scott Gabel – scott.gabel@waterloo.ca

Henry Colvin – henrycolvin98@outlook.com

Dylan Godard – dylangodard@hotmail.com

Shane Oliver – 416-358-3663 or email shaneoliver66@gmail.com 

Tim Westerveld – timoth.west@gmail.com

Greg White – 226-821-1803 or email white.greg.w.31@gmail.com

Alex Whynact – Awhynacht@hotmail.com

Jacob Brock – 519-731-4957 or email at  j_brock@live.ca

Merill Crawford –  519-822-0248 or email at merillcrawford@rogers.com

Jason Thomas – Email: jaythomas76@hotmail.com


12 thoughts on “Goalies

  1. Trevor Free says:

    Looking for info on this up coming season on how to join as a goalie or a player havnt made my mind up yet. Hope to hear back from you thanks Trevor

  2. Wayne Bellhouse says:

    Senior Goalie new to the area looking for a team or ice time. Just moved back from 20 years in the states. Played senior elite in Chicago. I’ll be living in Eden Mills and can be reached at 1-416-435-5846.

    • Mark says:

      Wayne I know of a guy looking for goalies to play on Sunday afternoons for a men’s pick up group in Hillsburgh any interest? Shoot me a text at 519-820-7487


  3. Mark says:

    Hey Trevor, I’m looking for somebody to split a season with playing both in and out are you interested? Shoot me a text at


    • Daniel says:

      I’m looking to join a team or be a sub if need be I’m currently playing Tuesdays with Jr b players and skilled adults. Please any info would be terrific

  4. Wayne Bellhouse says:

    I’m a senior goalie who has just relocated to the area and am looking for ice time, either with a team or as a sub. I’ve played men’s league for the last 25 years. I’m 15 minutes from the Sleeman center and can sub with short notice, call Wayne at 1-416-435-5846. Thanks

  5. Shane Oliver says:

    My name shane I’m on here for a Goalie but I’m also a better than average player if some one needs a extra skater or a sub . Just looking to get on a team.

    Let me know



    Texting is always better for me

  6. Drew Siydock says:

    Hey my names Drew, I just moved to Guelph. I played jr c a few years ago and competitive mens league since. I’m looking for a team or even just to fill in for games if needed. My cell is 613-583-9943.

  7. Dave says:

    Hey fellas, looking for a goalie in elora at 11pm tonight if anyone could make it that’d be awesome. Pretty good pace. Get an hour plus usually. If interested full time we could need one . Text 519-835-0861 if you can play. Especially tonight.

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