Peter Daufenbach – 519-822-5816

Dennis Boudreau – dj_boudreau291@hotmail.fr

Scott Gabel – scott.gabel@waterloo.ca

Henry Colvin – henrycolvin98@outlook.com

Dylan Godard – dylangodard@hotmail.com

Shane Oliver – 416-358-3663 or email shaneoliver66@gmail.com 

Tim Westerveld – timoth.west@gmail.com

Greg White – 226-821-1803 or email white.greg.w.31@gmail.com

Alex Whynact – Awhynacht@hotmail.com

Jacob Brock – 519-731-4957 or email at  j_brock@live.ca

Merill Crawford –  519-822-0248 or email at merillcrawford@rogers.com

Jason Thomas – Email: jaythomas76@hotmail.com

26 thoughts on “Goalies

  1. Looking for info on this up coming season on how to join as a goalie or a player havnt made my mind up yet. Hope to hear back from you thanks Trevor

    1. This is Puckout Rentals a full time goalie rental service that provides goalies all over the GTA and surrounding areas. Anyone who is looking to rent a goalie or join the team as a goalie visit our website.

      1. I’m a goalie in Guelph looking for any team to play for whether its just a game or different games for different teams. Just want to play hockey 2265001994

  2. Senior Goalie new to the area looking for a team or ice time. Just moved back from 20 years in the states. Played senior elite in Chicago. I’ll be living in Eden Mills and can be reached at 1-416-435-5846.

    1. Wayne I know of a guy looking for goalies to play on Sunday afternoons for a men’s pick up group in Hillsburgh any interest? Shoot me a text at 519-820-7487


      1. I’m interested in playing in the Sunday afternoon pick up league in Hillsburgh if it’s still running. Who would I contact?

        Thank you,

  3. Hey Trevor, I’m looking for somebody to split a season with playing both in and out are you interested? Shoot me a text at


    1. I’m looking to join a team or be a sub if need be I’m currently playing Tuesdays with Jr b players and skilled adults. Please any info would be terrific

    2. Hey Daniel. My name is Jeff. Looking for a goalie on Thursday nights at 8.00 pm on red. As a regular sub. It’s pick up . Been running this for along time. Fast game. Bunch of my buddies and sons play. All for fun. Allways have 10 skaters per side. Let me no if you can help us with out. My cell is. 519 831 5630. Thanks

    3. Hi Daniel,
      My red team is looking for a full time goalie in Guelph. Games are Thursday nights with the odd Saturday nights.


  4. I’m a senior goalie who has just relocated to the area and am looking for ice time, either with a team or as a sub. I’ve played men’s league for the last 25 years. I’m 15 minutes from the Sleeman center and can sub with short notice, call Wayne at 1-416-435-5846. Thanks

  5. My name shane I’m on here for a Goalie but I’m also a better than average player if some one needs a extra skater or a sub . Just looking to get on a team.

    Let me know



    Texting is always better for me

  6. Hey my names Drew, I just moved to Guelph. I played jr c a few years ago and competitive mens league since. I’m looking for a team or even just to fill in for games if needed. My cell is 613-583-9943.

  7. Hey fellas, looking for a goalie in elora at 11pm tonight if anyone could make it that’d be awesome. Pretty good pace. Get an hour plus usually. If interested full time we could need one . Text 519-835-0861 if you can play. Especially tonight.

  8. Goalie looking to play any night during the week in Guelph. Played Jr. C and competitive rec in the last number of years. Text or call 226-622-0822

  9. Senior goalie available for any evening games after 9pm. Just want to play. $20 for a win. Free for a tie or that other unmentionable outcome.

    1. Hi Steve,
      My rec team is looking for a goalie in Guelph. Thursday nights and some Saturdays.


  10. My rec team is looking for a goalie in Guelph. Friday nights over 35 league at U of G . If anyone is interested

  11. Beginner goalie, living in Guelph. I love the game. If you need a body for a game in evenings, send me a message. Atam 647-991-9753

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