The Guelph Adult Recreational Hockey League (GARHL) has been operating out of the Sleeman Centre (formally Guelph Sports and Entertainment Centre) since 2000.  The 2015-2016 season will feature 16 teams divided into two divisions.  All GARHL games are played on Monday and Wednesday nights at the Sleeman Centre.

2001 – Peel Pub Goblins
2002 – Goblins
2003 – Hornets
2004 – Hornets
2005 – Hornets
2006 – Wellington Brewery
2007 – Winmar (Formerly First General, Now Belugas)
2008 – Billings
2009 – Billings
2010 – Curwins Pub (Now Cavalry Contracting)
2011 – R U Serious
2012 – R U Serious
2013 – R U Serious
2014 – The 84’S
2015 – R U Serious
2016 – Shootin’ Blanks
2017 – R U Serious
2018 – Wilson Fire

2019 – Wilson Fire

2001 – WIT Whalers
2002 – Part Source Predators
2003 – Melitron (Now Thirsty Canucks)
2004 – Sharks (Now Piranhas)
2005 – Winmar (Formerly First General,Belugas,now Power Bus Way)
2006 – Winmar (Formerly First General,Belugas now Power Bus Way)
2007 – State Farm (Homes By Hillson, now Flying Hellfish)
2008 – Piranhas
2009 – Doogies (Formerly Molson Canadians,Baker St. Station, now Blow Ponies)
2010 – State Farm (Homes By Hillson, Now Flying Hellfish)
2011 – Thirsty Canucks
2012 – South End Maulers
2013 – Thirsty Canucks
2014 – Billings
2015 – Billings
2016 – Royal Electric (Formerly Molson Canadians, Baker St Station, now Blow Ponies)
2017 – Craig Bowman Roofing (Formerly McCabes, now Dino’s Ginos)
2018 – Dino’s Ginos (Formerly Craig Bowman Roofing, McCabes)

2019 – Blow Ponies (Formerly Molson Canadians, Baker St & Royal Electric)

11 thoughts on “History

  1. Trying to get my husband to join a league. He is really good.
    Can you give me details on start of season, cost, registration deadlines, times etc?

  2. After a year off looking to rejoin the league. Anyone know how to get a hold of goerge or go about finding a way to rejoin the league

  3. Just wondering about signing up for next season, or if you have a spot to fill this season on a team? I would be average skill, 33 years old, B league I presume. Also have a work buddy that would play as well this season or next.

  4. I am just wondering if there is a Summer Hockey League here in Guelph. Just came out of retirement and playing in Hamilton for second half of the season. Looking for Shinny and/or League to play in for the summer. Let me know.

  5. 3 guys from Guelph/Rockwood looking to join a team, or start our own. Would like to know how to go about joining for 2019/2020 season! Average – Above Average Skill

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